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Local & Regional Real Estate Market Trends & Useful Links:

~ Portland’s Industrial Vacancy Decreases to 6.9% ~ Net Absorption Positive 467,948 SF in the 3rd Quarter 2013
“The Portland Industrial market ended the third quarter 2013 with a vacancy rate of 6.9%” Read more of CoStar’s article here:

~Northwest Regional Quarterly Housing Market Data according to the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Economists: Full access to PDF reports including graphs and all data here:®ionid=10#narr-tab

~Excerpt from the 2nd Quarter 2013 Northwest region narrative report:
“Quick Facts About Region 10, Northwest:

Info-graphic of the Portland Metro Real Estate Market Activity created by the Turner Team using local data collected by the RMLS Market Action publication.

Sales market conditions—
  Second quarter 2013: balanced.
  First quarter 2013: slightly soft.
  Second quarter 2012: soft.
Apartment market conditions—
  Second quarter 2013: tight.
  First quarter 2013: tight.
  Second quarter 2012: tight.

OVERVIEW: The economic recovery, which began in the second quarter of 2011, is gaining momentum in the Northwest region and outperforming the nationwide recovery. Year-over-year, second quarter 2013 job growth in the region was 1.7 percent compared with growth of 1.5 percent a year earlier and the U.S. rate of 1.6 percent. The 7.0 percent average unemployment rate for the region was less than the 7.4 percent national rate during the second quarter of 2013. Sales housing market conditions in the region improved for the eighth consecutive quarter and are currently balanced compared with the soft conditions recorded a year ago. Demand for rental units is strong in the region, where average apartment vacancy rates declined and average rents increased between 2 and 6 percent in selected major metropolitan areas.

• The economic recovery is broad based, and job growth occurred in every private employment sector.
• Sales market conditions in the region are balanced for the first time since 2007. Sales, prices, and construction all showed significant year-over-year gains.”


PMI Removal Article / Property Information Look-up / Investor Tools / Banking Helper Links / Government sites to check out:

~ An informative “How To” for Removing PMI Insurance fees from your Home Mortgage:

~ Have a property or interesting in a property in the Portland Metro area and want to know all about it? Portland Maps includes Zoning maps, nearest Fire Department, Taxes & Assessor information, City of Portland improvement projects and all sorts of statistics that could be very useful. This includes Residential Homes, Condos, Multifamily / Plexes, Apartments, Land and any Commercial or Industrial property search. You will need the address for the search:

~ The Bureau of Labor Statistics site if full of interesting information. Here is something helpful for using the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for escalating contracts. (Useful for people creating Leases or up for a Lease Renewal)

~ Curious about what buying power $100 in 2001 is compared to now? Enlightening inflation calculator:

~ WoflRamAlpha can help you answer any equation on your mind. Figure loan interest payments and even tricky Internal Rate of Return problems. (Hint: for Mortgage Interest payments, enter “mortgage calculator” then hit the = sign. A simple worksheet appears that you may also enter additional data like “points”, “balloon payments”, “downpayment” and even receive a calculation of the “effective interest rate”. It is a quite powerful tool, with graphs & tables to help visualize data in different ways)

~ Track important decisions made by the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs here:

~ Look up Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) road or rail projects in your area using this link. Are road/rail expansions going to affect any property takings in your area, affect traffic with construction delays, or you want the specifics of certain neighborhood projects? This is a great place to start:

~ Washington States Department of Transportation (WDOT) link to ongoing and upcoming road & rail projects similar to above can be found here. (Includes bicycle and accessibility upgrades):

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