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Our Consulting services provide excellent expert analysis to benefit the client in a wide variety of business transactions, negotiations and market analysis. The greatest advantage in using a Licensed & Certified Commercial Real Estate Appraiser as a consultant is the unbiased, expert analysis with no agenda or strings attached.

These services include such items as estimating value of right of way and eminent domain takings, tax value estimates, disposition value, easement valuation, excess land value, feasibility analysis, highest and best use, interim use analysis, market study, market rent or value estimate, likely net operating income, present value, estimate rentable area and retrospective value estimate.

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Other areas we cover to enhance the usefulness of our reports and Real Estate consulting:

-For investment or developer consulting, will work with you or your client on site selection, market data and potential income specific to your project.
-Supply relevant local and regional data on absorption rates, demand for space and job formation,
  along with how this data likely relates to the future.
-Consult on local supply, demand and vacancy factors and how they relate to specific properties and potential uses.
-Identify services, pricing and amenities provided by competing developers.
-Identify the type and amount of space a site can support.
-Determine likely market segmentation by size and type of potential tenant. Estimate market occupancy levels.
-Determine the most appropriate tenant mix based on property location, current market demand and zoning limitations.
-Estimate likely occupancy levels, forecast likely absorption rates, along with likely lease rates, pass-throughs and terms.
-Consult on the timing, development problem solving and options for potential development including all zoning regulations.
-Recommend an appropriate leasing and phasing strategy.
-Discuss likely technology level demanded by tenants.
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Additional May & Associates, Inc. offers the following Real Estate consulting services:

    Asset analysis and current market value                       Property operations analysis and profit studies
    Market and sub-market analysis and ranking               Portfolio strategy for each individual property
    Development and redevelopment feasibility studies     Independent investment due diligence and research

In more detail, these approaches often entail:

Evaluate you or your client's existing real estate portfolio to determine its present and most profitable likely future value. Review operations to increase efficiency and cash flow. Create suggestions as to how to drive the profitability of the assets or redistribute the amount and type of the real estate ownership to increase profitability.

Perform feasibility analysis for you or your clients, including physical, legal and financial factors regarding the use restrictions and development of their real estate. This analysis would likely include the factors leading to the most profitable use of a property, or whether a specific purchase or sale makes economic.

Advise you or your clients on the mortgage market for either potential purchases or refinancing. Help determine the appraisal report needed for your lender, attorney, or investor group. Sometimes the number of approaches used in the appraisal report can be limited to help the appraisal fee be more economical for you.

Help you or your client with lease negotiations. Supply data on current market lease rates in the property’s general area, regional market data, local vacancy factors, future competing projects under construction and likely future economic activity.

We also perform Re-development Studies. This includes analyzing values, costs and potential income. Detailed analysis will help back up your decision making process and enhance presentations to potential sources of funding.